What to Expect

At your dogs initial consultation an assessment is carried out, this includes a health check, gait analysis and acclimatising them to the environment, as well as their first swim. This assessment allows our hydrotherapists to plan the session to gain the most possible for your pet in the pool. 


Further health checks are carried out before each session to assess progression and discuss your pet’s case with you, this allows for any alterations to the plan to be made to ensure your pet is receiving the best care possible. An in-depth health check including range of motion, muscle mass measurements and gait analysis is completed after their tenth session so a report can be sent to your veterinarian to update them on how they are doing.

Fun Swim or Exercise

Swimming is a great form of exercise. 10 minutes swimming is equal to around a 1 mile walk. It can build fitness and helps to develop muscles. Great fun for the dogs and as the weather gets a little colder and the nights get darker earlier it can be a great alternative to a walk. 

While not all dogs are water babies many are and they enjoy nothing better than a good splash about and while they are in the pool they will be benefiting from a thorough work out.​

Puppy Swim or Learn to Swim

This is the ideal session to ensure your dog can swim, it will allow them to be confident and happy around water. Waterside holiday booked? No problem, we will get them splashing around in no time.

It is great for exercising puppies without putting lots of pressure on their joints.Hydrotherapy is a great form of exercise for those young bones and joints that are not fully developed yet. While you need to be careful about over exercising them on land, hydrotherapy provides them with a non-weight bearing environment so they can get out that excess puppy energy in a safe place as well as providing them with great mental stimulation.


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